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I am fighting for our Future: Home, Health, and Education.

I am a businessman, family guy, and I know that a strong Grande Prairie is a strong Alberta, and we have to fight Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau's disastrous alliance to keep Alberta's future secure.

Today, unity is vital as a party as we step forward to defeat the NDP and Justin Trudeau’s disastrous “Just Transition” plans.

We are a big tent party, and I am proud of that fact. I value diversity and know that we win when we stick together. We don’t just win this election; we win the possibility of continuing the path of opportunity and prosperity that our current UCP government has worked so hard to gain for us. And we win as we work together to create a great province for future Albertans.

I know that prosperity creates freedom for families. Everyone should have the opportunity to have meaningful employment and create freedom for their families now, and greater possibilities for the generations to come.

I believe Grande Prairie is the ultimate place of opportunity boasting a balanced and diverse economy, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard-working people.

I need your help!!  I can only be chosen as the candidate by the UCP members of the Grande Prairie constituency.  I would love your support and be your #1 choice on your nomination ballot April 3rd.

As well, I would be grateful if you would join my team by sharing my website with your friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent the greatest region in Alberta. I look forward to meeting you and earning your support!

Want to meet? I would love to meet with you and a few friends to hear your questions and thoughts. Please email me with a couple of times that work for you, and I will do my best to accommodate: [email protected]



Thank you for taking time to visit and get to know me a bit more! I am honoured by the support I have received so far in this nomination process and am very thankful to the many who have encouraged me, signed nomination forms, answered phone calls, and given opportunities to speak to your teams, it is greatly appreciated!

I value any questions you might have and our team will respond to you in a timely manner!